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CT-A and Accessories
Pricing and Descriptions
CT-A Thickness Testers
Catalog Number Model Description Price
1-A-01 CT-A AC 115V
(does not include PC or notebook PC)
1-A-02 CT-A AC 220V
(does not include PC or notebook PC)
CT-A Accessories
Catalog Number Description Price
2-A-01 Model V8 multi-purpose stand for test areas from 0.1" diameter. Includes agitator assembly. $500.00
2-A-PC PC Control and Analysis Software CD Free
2-A-02 Plated wire Accessory $150.00
2-A-03 Standard Kit for CT-A $50.00
Note : All Program Module is free including measuring multilayer nickel (STEP Method)
Replacement Parts
Catalog Number Description Price
3-A-01 Rubber Gasket "A" (package of 5) $30.00
3-A-02 Fuse, 1 Amp (package of 5) $20.00
3-A-03 Cell Connector Screw 2-1/2' lead. $10.00
3-A-04 Operation Manual $10.00
3-A-05 Test Cell "A" Stainless Steel $30.00
3-A-06 Agitator assembly including cable , alligator clip and banana plug $150.00
Note : Carriage forward. The freight is not included in all prices.

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