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⑴ Measuring the layer thickness of all conducting layer on metallic or nonmetallic substrates, results direct readout and printed ;
⑵ Measuring the potential difference and thickness of multi-layer nickel (STEP Method);
⑶ Measures multiple coatings and gives individual readings;
⑷ Measures electroless nickel;
⑸ Measures plating thickness on wire;
⑹ Identify the alloy layer and the layer in which the compositions and structures of phase are different;
⑺ Evaluate the layer uniformity and estimate approximately the status of plating solution and additives.

System Characteristics :
⑴ Controls measurements and recording data with display curve on-line ;
⑵ The measuring range is wider, including all layers of conductor of electricity, whatever raise or fall the cell voltage is.
⑶ Measuring has more accuracy;
⑷ Save test data to disk files , print curve and standard measuring reports ;
⑸ Need not to three electrodes assembly and X-Y function recorder, software analyzes and computes average potential and potential difference, instrument is more reliable and easy to use;
⑹ Analysis data curves, identify alloy layers or other inter-layers , evaluate coating uniformity, anti-corrosion and performance of electroplating liquid and additive qualitatively.
⑺ Connecting PC by RS-232C or USB port, LED show the states of linking and running;
⑻ Virtual digital indicators make the tester easy-to use;
⑼ Manually setting the constant current, cut-off voltage and computing coefficient, it is convenient for scientific research and solving exceptional problem;
⑽ Tester can be used as X(t)–Y function recorder;
⑾ Software upgrade free.

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